Piano Jams




in Lawrence, KS



Each student receives a 30 minute lesson once a week. A 60 minute lesson is negotiable for advanced students. 

For every lesson, students should bring their lesson books and a notebook. I use the notebook to write down the student’s weekly assignment, including pages assigned in the lesson book as well as specific focus areas for that particular week.

Each student must have a full 88 key instrument at home to practice on. Digital pianos are fine as long as they are full size and have weighted keys. 

The monthly tuition reserves a specific 30 minute weekly spot in my teaching schedule. Please check with me for current rates. This tuition is due in advance at the beginning of the month. If you are late to the lesson or miss a lesson, you are still responsible for the entire monthly tuition. If you are interested in longer lessons, check with me for tuition rates. I accept cash, checks and payments through several apps.

If you know in advance that you will miss a lesson and would like to reschedule, let me know and I will offer the times I have available that week. If you are not available during any of those times, you are still responsible for the entire month's tuition. 
If you do not wish to continue taking lessons, please let me know 1 month in advance so that I can fill the spot. 

It is the responsibility of the student to attend each lesson, be on time and practice at home. If I receive 24 hours notice that a student will miss a lesson, I will try to schedule a make up lesson, depending on our mutual schedules. If a student misses a lesson without any prior notice given, the student will forfeit the lesson and that time will not be made up.  If your schedule changes and you would like to move to a different lesson spot, let me know and I will offer the times that are available. 

We will have 1 studio recital every semester, typically in December and May. Each student will have the opportunity to play 2-3 pieces of their choosing for family and friends. 

Each student will have the opportunity to participate in a piano jam once a semester. The piano jams take place in my studio and are usually comprised of 4-6 students. During a piano jam, each student will play a piece, we will learn about a composer, and we will play some theory games. 

I believe that students of all ages can benefit from piano lessons. While I do not have particular age restrictions, I do ask that young students know the alphabet and have at least started learning to read before they start lessons.

Maybe you’re an adult considering starting piano lessons for the first time. I’ve had many adult students, and the majority of them progress rapidly, due to their motivation to learn. 

For beginning and intermediate students, I use method books supplemented with solo sheet music. I try to find material that is both fun and challenging for each student, and I let each student have a lot of input in choosing new music. For advanced students, I tailor the curriculum based on the student’s needs, ability, and desire.